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JamSession Theme Documentation
by on April 21, 2013 in News

Theme Customizer

JamSession implements WordPress theme customizer, that provide the ability to change the layout and preview the changes in real time. To access the Customizer, go to WordPress admin menu, and select Appearance -> Customize.

The following options are implemented for theme customizer:

Header Layouts: It offers the ability to change the menu bar position, according to your needs
Menu Options: It is used to change the menu text color, menu background color and the width of menu bar (full width or variable width according to the number of menu items)
Logo Color Options: Set a separate color for logo text and logo background, or make the logo background invisible.
Secondary Color: Set the secondary color of the website used for anchor text, slider title, category box, etc.

Theme settings

Theme Settings helps you easily take control over different settings of your website, by allowing you to choose between text or image logo, upload your logo or a custom favicon, set the email address for contact form, or change the background image for the inner pages of the website. It also allow to set the url to the profile page of your band, over different social networks. You can also set the copyright text that will be displayed at the bottom of your page, and add the analytics code.

The settings page has three tabs, each one related to a separate section of your website. The first tab, General Options allows you to decide whether to use the name of your website or a custom image as a logo. By default, the website name is used as logo. It also allows you to add a custom favicon image, set the email address for contact form, change the background image for the inner pages of the website, hide or show the Upcoming Events tab on the main page, set the slider interval or insert the reCaptcha site key and secret key.
The second tab, Social Options sets the url to the profile pages of your band over several social networks. Every field that is set will generate a link to your social profile at the bottom of the main page and on the contact page.
The third tab, Footer Options allows you to add copyright text, URL to copyright text and analytics code without changing the source files.

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